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Nestled in the rolling Green Hills of north central Missouri, Brinkley Angus Ranch is the home of Angus cattle that will meet the current and future needs of the beef industry. For more than a decade, the quality of the Angus genetics and the strength of the annual Brinkley bull sale has been one of the "best kept secrets" of the beef industry in Missouri. With the sale of a $25,000 half interest herd sire to Sydenstricker Genetics and a sale average of $6,559 on 72 fall and spring yearling bulls on March 15, 2014, "the best kept secret" is a secret no more!

As a farmer of more than 800 acres of row crops and another 400 acres of custom farming along with a growing herd of Angus seedstock, Jim Brinkley sums up the mission of Brinkley Angus Ranch in terms that any farmer can relate to: "In the 21st century, we no longer go to the corn crib to get the seed corn for our next crop — we select hybrid seed corn developed for our specific climate, soils and needs from a professional producer of seed corn". Why would anyone do any differently when they select the seed for their next calf crop?

While in animal agriculture, the genetic modifications at the cellular level that have been done with corn, soybeans and most other food and fiber producing plants are beyond the scope of what our society considers ethical with animals, we have used similar DNA technology (HD50K testing) to identify and quantify the parent lines with the traits and combination of traits that we seek.

After we have identified the superior parent lines, we then use advanced reproductive technology like Embryo Transfer (ET) and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to take advantage of the benefits of population genetics to create beef genetics that will hit the targets that we have identified as our customers' seedstock needs.

Growing from a group of foundation females produced in the Summitcrest Farms program that began selecting for carcass excellence long before most other seedstock producers became aware of the genetic improvement of the end product was even possible, Jim Brinkley has looked to proven sources of highly proven growth and end product genetics like Gardiner Angus Ranch in Kansas, Connealy Angus in Nebraska and Sydenstricker Genetics in Missouri for herd sires and sire lines that have made the continued genetic improvement of the base Brinkley cow herd possible.

MO State Fair Show Offs
Brinkley Angus Ranch offers sincere congratulations to Haley Fitzpatrick of Wheeling, Missouri who purchased three steers from the 2013 Brinkley Angus Ranch calf crop that were purebred bulls that Jim Brinkley decided were not up to par for one reason or another to be sold as bulls in the annual Brinkley Angus Ranch production sale.

Haley obviously did a fantastic job feeding and developing her steers as all three were eventually graded USDA Prime and earned the significant premiums that accompany that grade. Two of the steers were entered and shown by Haley in the 2014 Missouri State Fair carcass competition where they were the ONLY two steers in the competition to grade USDA Prime and one of them was chosen the Reserve Grand Champion of the Quality Hotel/Restaurant Window division with a live weight of 1,345 pounds, an 856 pound hot carcass weight for a 63.9% dressing percentage with a 14.4 square inch rib eye area for a USDA Yield Grade of 2.99 with a slightly abundant 20 marbling score to achieve his USDA Prime Quality Grade. Haley’s second steer in the competition had even more marbling with a score of slightly abundant 80 and weighed 1,420 pounds live for a hot carcass weight of 867 pounds.

With a 900 to 1,000 hot carcass that grades USDA Prime often having as much or more than $200 more actual value than the same carcass that grades USDA Choice, we are pleased to see that the emphasis we have placed upon Marbling EPD and $Beef value index really does work to make money for our valued customers!

SydGen Black Pearl 2006

Reg # 17236055

The most recent addition to the Brinkley herd sires, this top-selling bull calf of the 2013 SydGen sale blew away his contemporaries at yearling, with ratios of 116 for ADG, 113 for adj. YW, 129 for %IMF and 127 for URE and this Number 1 $B index son of his sire among active Angus sires is seeing wide-spread use in Australia and New Zealand this past year, due to his combination of a massive body type and excellent feet and leg structure.

The dam of Black Pearl descends from a full sister to the famous Bushwacker and she has long been the daughter of the $160,000 Connealy Forward chosen to represent Forward daughters in the ORIgen sire directory and she has left an incredible legacy of combining power and muscle with calving-ease at SydGen where she also produced SydGen Big Medicine, a top-selling fall yearling of his calf crop while a third son of her was the top ADG and yearling weight bull of his calf crop at SydGen.

29 15 20 21
CW Marb RE avg
4 22 6 17

G A R Missouri 5761

Reg # 17057160

Sired by the highly reliable top 1% source of CED EPD and HP EPD, this "double digit" source of CED with a top 1% RE EPD and a BEPD that is below breed average touches all the bases with a top 10% Docility EPD and a YH EPD that indicates that he should sire the Frame Score 6 and 7 sons that meet the "Show Me Select" calving ease qualifications.

Produced by a daughter of New Design 5050 from a dam by Objective 0T26, Missouri represents a sire stack that has produced the top-selling bulls and females at Gardiner Angus Ranch for the past several years and a full brother to Missouri was the $22,000 top-selling bull of the Fall 2013 sale at Gardiner Angus Ranch

10 23 5 4
CW Marb RE avg
22 20 3 12

V A R Xfinity 3009

Reg # 17455084

A flush brother to the $330,000 half interest V A R Frontier, the $50,000 two thirds interest V A R Empire, and the $42,000 half interest V A R Ranger, this maternal brother to the $250,000 half interest V A R Generation 2100 and the $100,000 half interest V A R Index brings the power of one of the greatest herd sire producing cows in the breed to Brinkley Angus Ranch.

Produced by a dam that is the Number 1 daughter of Connealy Onward for virtually every growth and carcass trait measured, Xfinity is a powerful individual that ranks top 1% of the non parent population for WW EPD, YW EPD, CW EPD and Marbling EPD with a top 2% RE EPD to rank top 1% for $B index that includes real world economics of beef production in its calculation.

31 53 1 1
CW Marb RE avg
14 19 18 20

We have been bull customers of Brinkley Angus Ranch from the very beginning and only have Brinkley Bulls in our cow herd. We love the performance we get from our calves on feed and get an outstanding group of replacement females to choose from to place back in our herd. Jim and Sherry offer outstanding service and a guarantee on their bulls that is second to none. When you buy a Brinkley Bull you do not just buy a bull, you buy a program that remains with you for years to come. We have and will continue to build our herd on Brinkley Genetics.

Mosley Farms
Pat, Cindy, Jeremy, and Heather Mosley.

14th Annual Production Sale

Saturday, March 19, 2016, 1 PM
Green City Livestock - Green City, MO
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Special thanks to all of the valued buyers in
our record-setting 13th Annual Sale:

The Brinkley Angus Ranch 13th Annual Production Sale was held on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Green City Livestock Market, Green City, Missouri, setting new records for both the Brinkley program and the livestock market that also hosts the annual GeneMax Elite Bred Heifer sale in early December and a Brinkley-Influence feeder calf sale each November.

The 41 fall yearling bulls sold for an average of $9,043 and 46 spring yearling bulls sold for an average of $7,120 to give 87 bulls an overall average of $8,026 with a top of $15,000 and 11 bulls sold for $10,000 or more.

The 34 registered females sold an average of $5,491 headlined by "pick of the spring 2014 B A R heifers" that sold for $19,400 to Terry Wynne and a maternal sister to the 2014 Brinkley sale-topping bull that sold for $12,000 to Ropp Angus. Other top-sellers included an $8,100 bred heifer sold to Larry Lewis with the top fall pair at $8,700 and the top two spring pairs at $7,750 and $7,250. The total of 121 purebred lots sold for $884,950 for an average of $7,314.

36 first calf commercial pairs from our long-time customer and 2014 Missouri Angus Association Commercial Producer of the Year, Miller Brothers or Knox City, with calves by Brinkley Angus bulls sold for an average of $3,703 to push the entire sale gross above $1,000,000!

Top Dollar AngusFor our customers that have purchased Brinkley Angus bulls in the past and now have cow herds with their genetics at work, we are looking forward to aligning customers with the specifications of the Top Dollar Angus brand program. We believe that Tom Brink and this new and innovative program can allow our customer to be rewarded for the added value of their calves as the national cow herd grows and added supply places added pressure on prices.

Top Dollar Angus®

Would you like your feeder calves to have more name recognition in the marketplace? How about having access to a network representing over 40 feedyards that intend to buy more than one million head of high-end Angus feeder calves during the next year? If that sounds like a ticket to receiving "top dollar" when you sell your calves or yearlings, the Top Dollar Angus program could be right for you.

Top Dollar Angus is a genetics certification and marketing company focused exclusively on the best Angus-influenced feeder cattle/calves in the industry. To qualify, feeder cattle/calves must contain two or more generations of Angus genetics with growth and carcass traits in the top 25% of the breed. This new program is similar to Certified Angus Beef®, except that Top Dollar Angus does its "branding" in the feeder cattle and calf market. It works by certifying calf crops that meet program requirements on the farm or ranch, enabling these cattle to be marketed using the Top Dollar Angus brand name and logo. Top Dollar Angus feeder cattle are eligible to receive a $50 per head premium (sometimes more) over the average market when sold to partner feedyards. One group of Top Dollar Angus steer calves recently sold on Superior Video Auction for $67 per head above the average market for their weight and location. Another group was forward-sold for a $52 per head premium.

Why are so many profit-minded cattle feeders interested in purchasing Top Dollar Angus calves and yearlings? It's because these cattle perform very well both in the feedyard and on value-based grids. Top Dollar Angus cattle consistently deliver rapid growth and high quality grades. That puts extra dollars in cattle feeders' pockets, which are passed back to cow-calf producers in the form of price premiums over and above the average market.

Cattle feeders have grown tired of the guesswork that comes with undocumented feeder cattle. They get too many surprises from group to group, even though the cattle may look the same and have the same color hide (often black). That's why the genetic certification of high-end Angus feeder cattle is a concept whose time has come. The cattle industry needs to differentiate the best Angus genetics from the rest, which is what Top Dollar Angus is all about.

Should you consider Top Dollar Angus certification for your calves? Absolutely--YES! If you've consistently invested in high-performing Angus genetics, we can make your calf crop stand out from the pack, and give you access to the Top Dollar Angus premium feedyard network. For more information, please contact Tom Brink at 303-478-4331 or email

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